Thứ Tư, 28 tháng 9, 2016

Aardwolf and Glasstec 2016 in Germany

Glasstec 2016 is the International Trade Fair of Glass hold by Dusseldorf Fair Group from 20 - 23rd September in Germany. This year, Glasstec concentrates on six main fields: mechanical engineer, manufacturing-processing-finishing, craft, architecture–construction, windows-facades, solar and other related aspects. The outstanding point of the show is the up-to-date trend in the global glass technologies. As the result, Glasstec 2016 attracts more than 1,200 companies as exhibitors from over 57 countries all over the world. In Vietnam, Aardwolf is one of the few qualified companies for Glasstec Exhibition.

As a leading manufacturer of slab lifters and handling equipments of building materials in Vietnam, Aardwolf joins Glasstec 2016 with premium and efficient products supporting to the glass industry. Besides the variety of qualified equipments, with light (from 17kg to 26kg) and compact structure, Glass Lifter 12 (AGL12), Glass Lifter 22 (AGL22) and Glass Lifter 32 (AGL32) series is one of Aardwolf’s salient handling products. Also, the neat design and alternative size enable these lifters to load up to 750kg easily. The lifters are controlled mechanically and automatically during lifting and dropping process without electricity or compressed air. With the ease of use, glass lifter series is possible to ensure the user safety as well as operating cost saving. Furthermore, Glass lifters can combine with other Aardwolf’s featured equipments such as forklifts, jib cranes, transport frames to optimise the works. Overall, Aardwolf Glass Lifter series  is a perfect choice for glass clamping and lifting.

                               Besides Glass Lifter series, Aardwolf has other high quality equipments

Participating in Glasstec International Trade show this year is not only the chance for Aardwolf to present products and enhance brand awareness, it is also an opportunity to approaches the latest technologies in the world of glass. From there, Aardwolf will keep going to create and deliver the best solutions for customers and partners internationally. Currently, Aardwolf is expanding the manufacturing engeering scope with a new factory in Ben Cat district, Binh Duong province, Vietnam. Once this new factory starts operating, Aardwolf can provide more and more products with advanced technologies and diverse designs for the market.

 So many visitors at the exhibition area of the Aardwolf

Currently, Aardwolf’s exhibiting area at Glasstec 2016 attract many visitors with positive reviews for clamping and lifting equipments. Besides the customer remaining, it is correct to confirm that Glasstec 2016 is opening opportunities for Aardwolf to cooperation with prospect partners.

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