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At its 49th edition, the International Trade Fair for Stone, Design and Technologies scheduled Wednesday 24 to Saturday 27 September 2014 once again ranks as leading event in sustaining the marble system on the world market, in order to promote development of products and technologies and become an increasingly qualified cultural workshop for world-wide trends in stone construction and design.

Marmomacc is the essential fair for operators in the stone industry, from machinery to instrumental products, from marble blocks to more complex processing, for professionals in construction and contract sectors as well as designers and decision makers seeking success in an increasingly specialised and competitive context.

Thanks to an integrated system of services combining the quality of the exhibition offering and professional visitors, contacts and penetration on outlet markets, attendance by numerous and qualified delegations of international buyers with match-making initiatives, presentation of studies, research, conventions, commercial and cultural initiatives to analyse the stone market and the main topics in the sector at the service of companies, Marmomacc is the most important international event in 2014 dedicated to marble sector companies.

A major showcase highlighting the best production traditions and innovation on a national and international scale, international projects, with many initiatives promoting the special features and wealth of natural stone and the expressive potential of stone materials in architecture and design.

This edition of the show equally pursues its promotion of continual training, technical seminars and programmes for architects. Design and technology come together at the stone fair Marmomacc – by now increasingly a fundamental meeting place for better understanding of current evolution and trends in stone and design sectors.

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Thiết bị nâng đá chân không

Thiết bị nâng chân không sử dụng năng lượng pin công suất lớn, tiện lợi cho việc lắp đặt những phiến đá granite, đá cẩm thạch, bê tông…
Nhỏ gọn và mạnh mẽ, thiết bị nâng đá khối Aardwolf dễ dàng gắn lên tất cả các loại thiết bị nâng bằng các loại máy móc, dây đai, dây cáp…

Van trượt đóng/ mở chân không

Thiết bị nâng chân không sử dụng năng lượng Pin công suất lớn, tiện lợi cho việc lắp đặt những phiến đá granite, đá cẩm thạch, bê tông và các loại tương tự.

Nhờ thiết kế tiết kiệm năng lượng cho phép pin cung cấp năng lượng cho thiết bị hoạt động một cách an toàn trong một ngày làm việc.

Hình ảnh thiết bị nâng đá khối chân không của Aardwolf đang hoạt động nâng đá xanh lát toàn bộ lối đi tại toà nhà Quốc Hội.

Duong An Phu 23, Khu Pho 1B, Phuong An Phu Thi Xa Thuan An, Tinh Binh Duong

PHONE: +84 650 3712840

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The Aardwolf Hand Pump Vacuum Lifter

This vacuum lifter required no power or compressed air. For use on site, the cemetery or in factory. Especially suitable for horizontal transportation of non-porous, block-shaped or cylinder-shaped work pieces such as steel plate, glass, aluminium plate and polished marble or granite.  According to the size of different work pieces, you can change different vacuum pads.

Hand Pump Vacuum Lifter AVLHP 280

  • Suitable to work in different conditions such as a place having flammable and combustible gas and dust.
  • Slider valve with on & off position for the attachment of material to vacuum pads and release of material from vacuum pads.
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system.  Independently powered by small a 9 V rechargeable battery.

  • Suction pad dimension - 300mm (as displayed in photograph, other pad options available)
  • Lifting capacities to 400 kg.
  • Horizontal Capacity: 400 kg
  • Capacity Vertical: 200 kg
  • Vacuum Pads size:  As per customer’s requirement.
  • Weight: 22 kg

NOTE: The carrying capacity is dependant on the suction plate used.  Larger weights can be lifted with larger vacuum plate.

Duong An Phu 23, Khu Pho 1B, Phuong An Phu Thi Xa Thuan An, Tinh Binh Duong
PHONE: +84 650 3712840