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DesignBUILD 2017 – A large-scale construction industry exhibition in Australia

DesignBUILD 2017 – A large-scale construction industry exhibition in Australia

DesignBUILD 2017 – International exhibition about architecture, building, construction and design held in the International Convention Centre Sydney (Australia) from 3 to 5 May 2017. With the large organizing scale, exhibition attracted over 300 exhibitor from many coutries all around the world. This is the best opportunity for exhibitor and vistors to caught up latest technologies and development trend in these fields.

Due to the strengths of material handling equipments and machines in construction industry, Aardwolf is proud to be a part of DesignBUILD 2017. There are over 30 featured products associated with the Aardwolf brandname are presented such as Aardwolf Lifter, Monument Clamp/Lifter (Automatic), Vacuum Block Lifter 380kg, Horizontal Stone Lifting Clamp, Barrier Lifter, Hand Vacuum Lifter, Glass Lifter, Scissor Lifter, Hand Vacuum Cup with Gauge, etc.

Aardwolf's display area at the DesignBUILD 2017

In particular, the patented Aardwolf Lifter incorporated an automatic spring-loaded latch is an efficient solution for lifting of stone slab material. The Monument Clamp/Lifter (Automatic) suits for lifting and setting concrete, stone and marble building fascia. The Vacuum Block Lifter 380kg has a compact design, durable structure that fits for handling of materials with smooth, non-porous surfaces.
With a variety of equipment for the construction industry

Nowadays, with the development of technology, the trend in construction technique has changed significantly. Step by step, equipments and machines are replacing human to save production cost, reduce time consumption and optimize the works. Aardwolf is gradually becoming an important factor in the value chain by constantly improving product quality to meet the high demands of customers. DesignBUILD 2017 attracted more than 5000 visitors as a great chance for Aardwolf to introduce products, enhance brand awareness and expand the market as well.

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