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Aardwolf join The Big 5 and Aluminium 2016

Aardwolf join The Big 5 and Aluminium 2016

In November 2016, Aardwolf participated at The Big 5 show – at Dubai World Trade Center in UAE and Aluminum 2016 – Düsseldorf, Germany. These are two among other world trade fairs about construction, aluminum equipment and technologies and related aspects as well. With the large-scale and professional organizing, there were over 4000 companies and enterprises from over 60 nations all over the world joined the shows.
The Big 5 in Dubai (UEA) attracted thousands of businesses all over the world

Aluminium 2016 - The world's bigest exhibition in Germany 

As a participator of the shows, Aardwolf presented the company’s typical machines such as Mechanical Vacuum Lifters, Aardwolf Lifters, Hand Vacuum Suction Cups, Panel Carriers, Drill Stand, etc. In particular, the patented Aardwolf Lifter with the smart lock/unlock system enhances the lifting, loading of large slab materials. Furthermore, the Aardwolf Mechanical Vacuum Lifter used on polished surface materials and the convenient Hand Vacuum suction cup for lifting are Aardwolf’s competencies.

Aardwolf's display area at The Big 5 

                                                     Aardwolf 's display area at Aluminium 2016 

Currently, Aardwolf is the unique manufacturer supplied customized vacuum lifters within Southeast Asia. In the globalization trend, The Big 5 and Aluminum exhibitions offer opportunities for Aardwolf’s product introduction, market enlargement and modern tendency catching up as well. Due to the high-tech approaching, Aardwolf constantly creates and innovates the production techniques to maximize customer satisfaction globally.

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