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Glasstech Asia 2016 Exhibition

Glasstech Asia 2016 Exhibition

Glasstech Asia 2016 was taken place from 24-26/11/2016 at SECC, HCMC, Vietnam about glass technologies and equipment. The show attracted more than 160 enterprises from 14 nations such as Germany, Italy, Singapore, Great Britain, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Australia, India, Belgium,  Austria, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, etc. Glasstech Asia is the place for businesses to exhibit, trade and connect together invloved in modern technologies, cost saving products reponsed to the market demand of glass facades, window and related aspects.

Glasstech Asia 2016 Exhibition opening ceremony

Thank to the prompt evolution of techonology, Vietnam and the whole Asia glass industry as well become a potential market for investment. Hence, with the basic and design from an Australian investor, Aardwolf now is one of the top supliers of vacuum lifter in Asia. After almost 10 years research and development, Aardwold’s activated market is enlarged across the world.

Aardwolf is leading company of lifting and material handling equipment for the glass, stone and construction industries

Joining in Glasstech Asia, Aardwolf exhibited many integrated technology machines and equipment that are automatic, cost saving, safe and user-friendly. Typically, the Aardwolf Glass Lifters, Vacuum Lifter, panel carriers, etc. Along with neat and compact design, their features optimized works and installation were also outstanding points that attracted visitors to Aardwolf’s exhibiting booth.

 The Aardwolf’s display attracts many visitors 

The APCCVL device is special highlight at the exhibition of this year

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