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Marmomacc 2016 merges the best of stone design and technology

Marmomacc 2016 is the leading international trade fair of stone design and technology in the world. The event took place at the Verona Exhibition Centre from 28 September to 01 October 2016 in Italy, covering different sectors such as: marble, stone and design, blocks and unprocessed stone, machinery and equipment, and tools and chemicals. As a festival, Marmomacc 2016 applied the world’s latest technologies to provide alternative manufacturing approaches supported by construction industries. Marmomacc 2016 attracted more than 1,650 exhibitors from 53 countries all over the world.

Creating a new direction of emotional feeling for arid stone industries

The 51st Marmomacc Trade Show was the ideal destination for anyone seeking quality and competency in diversified aspects of stone industries. A place for both the invention of modern technologies and the innovation of traditions that creates a new direction for arid stone industries. With the strengths in manufacturing material handling equipment, Aardwolf Group joined the show with over 40 pieces of equipment, including the Aardwolf Lifters series (AL30, RCL50 and AL50B, etc.), Mono Mechvac series (AMMVL75 and AMMVL145), Carry Clamps (SCC03), Suction Cups (HVC06, HVC05) and much more. Aardwolf is confident that these series are perfect lifters for the stone handling process due to their special design. For instance, an incorporate spring-loaded latch is applied to automatically release the slab to enhance working convenience. For upgraded versions, the lifters are managed from a distance by remote control and the spring-loaded latch is applied without any manual assistance. Furthermore, Aardwolf Lifters can be combined with Aardwolf’s other featured equipment such as forklifts, jib cranes and transport frames to optimise production.

Aardwolf joined at the fair with a variety of equipment for the stone industry

Marmomacc 2016 provided an international playing field for Aardwolf to enhance brand awareness and featured cutting-edge technologies in the world of stone. Besides the large exhibition scale, Marmomacc 2016 offered a chance to strengthen Aardwolf’s collaboration with the world leaders of different stone industries. Hence, embracing this opportunity to expand its operational scale and global distribution system was a crucial step in Aardwolf’s evolution. With the precept of quality when building the brand, Aardwolf always keeps going to create and deliver the best solutions for international customers and partners.

Aardwold’s display area attracted many visitors

This year is not the first time Aardwolf has taken part in a global fair as an exhibitor. And in Italy, Aardwolf attracted attention from visitors as well as partners around the world interested in stone clamping and lifting equipment. It is Aardwolf’s main inspiration to provide better goods for clients in the future.

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