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The more powerful a lifter is, the more profit you earn

Sheer muscle power
With a desire to reach the sky and to erect big buildings or temples, ancient people employed rudimentary lifting tools to lift up stone block up to the height they expected. For example, the largest Egyptian tower of memory with the weight of more than 500 tons was lifted up more than 30 meters tall while the largest obelisk with the weight of 520 tons in the Kingdom of Axum in Ethiopia (4th century AD), was raised up to a similar height. They use lifting tools driven by sheer muscle power. The first lifting tool which is the same as crane first appeared in Greece from about the late 6th or early 5th century BC. Owning to this tool, Romans could erect bigger buildings or temples.
Theoretically, human power is no limit to lift up. The sophisticated lifting machines today get the advantage of speed, not height.  

Advanced technology
The Industrial Revolution which bloomed out in the Western countries in the late 18th century brings innovations to lifting devices. Sophisticated machines were born to help people lift up the heavier loads in a quicker and safer manner. As fossil fuel was discovered, lifting devices were fossil fuelled powered to bring to extra advantages for lifting operation.

As ergonomics is critical
Lifting up always goes with risks of danger. The safety of operators is a critical thing. Engineers utilize the ergonomic development to produce lifting devices that eliminate risks.
Today, many companies operating in stone, glass and metal industries employ lifting devices in lifting up heavy materials.

And applied to real work
Aardwolf Industries Sole LLC’s lifting devices are produced based on researches of ergonomics in compliance with Standards Australia. Starting an Aardwolf Lifters are patented by the owner, James Corbett, CEO of Aardwolf Industries Sole LLC, lifting devices has ceaselessly been developed and becomes known in the stone, glass and metal industries, not only in Vietnam, where its factory is located, but also in the world.

Aardwolf Scissor Clamp Lifter 

Aardwolf Scissor Clamp Lifter 

“Using Aardwolf’s Scissor Clamp Lifter, we, operators, are safe and secure out of danger, the company is more cost-saving because the rate of broken marbles due to falling of marbles is almost zero during maneuvering”, says an operator who has many years of experience in operation of lifting devices for a big stone and marble company, Van Khoa Stone Company located in Hung Yen province, in the north of Vietnam.

According to the experienced operator, by virtue of gravity controlled feature and an automatic looking latch, Aardwolf’s Scissor Clamp Lifter prevents the unexpected falling of slab. The clamps automatically grip the load as lifted and release it as the load is on the ground. This is really a strong advantage of Aardwolf’s Scissor Clamp Lifter compared against other lifters with the same function, yet much higher price.

With a small initial investment, lifting devices obviously brings additional benefits in both lifting operation and return of investment.

The operators of Van Khoa company are handling the marble slab, using Scissor Clamp Lifter — at Thành Phố Hưng Yên.

The operators of Van Khoa company are handling the marble slab, using Scissor Clamp Lifter — at Thành Phố Hưng Yên.

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