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The Aardwolf Hand Pump Vacuum Lifter

This vacuum lifter required no power or compressed air. For use on site, the cemetery or in factory. Especially suitable for horizontal transportation of non-porous, block-shaped or cylinder-shaped work pieces such as steel plate, glass, aluminium plate and polished marble or granite.  According to the size of different work pieces, you can change different vacuum pads.

Hand Pump Vacuum Lifter AVLHP 280

  • Suitable to work in different conditions such as a place having flammable and combustible gas and dust.
  • Slider valve with on & off position for the attachment of material to vacuum pads and release of material from vacuum pads.
  • Acoustic and visual alarm system.  Independently powered by small a 9 V rechargeable battery.

  • Suction pad dimension - 300mm (as displayed in photograph, other pad options available)
  • Lifting capacities to 400 kg.
  • Horizontal Capacity: 400 kg
  • Capacity Vertical: 200 kg
  • Vacuum Pads size:  As per customer’s requirement.
  • Weight: 22 kg

NOTE: The carrying capacity is dependant on the suction plate used.  Larger weights can be lifted with larger vacuum plate.

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