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Slab Rack - Bundle Rack

Slab Racks and Bundle Racks plus Storage Calculator.
A good racking system optimizes the storage area and efficiency of your operation, providing many years of reliable service. As inventory is used, posts can be adjusted horizontally, thus eliminating unused portions of the rails, making space available for replacement slabs and bundles.

Why chose Aardwolf?

1. Peace of Mind: With Slab Racks and Bundle Racks your peace of mind depends first and foremost on the quality of the materials and the workmanship of your supplied racks and post. Nothing is more important than worker safety. All Aardwolf racks are fabricated and welded on automatic machines ensuring high quality welds. Posts are produce from certified steel with minimum yield strength of 345 MPA. (Except the small finished goods posts). Aardwolf is the only manufacturer of storage racks that include a slab storage calculator as a smart phone app, making Aardwolf the only true safe supplier of slab storage racks. Time and experience has proven that Aardwolf consistently offers superior quality materials and workmanship in their Slab Racks and Bundle Racks.

2. Storage Capacity and Storage Optimization:
(i) Post pockets are placed close together allowing for adjustment of post in as little as 55 mm (2.2”) increments for maximum storage efficiency.
(ii) Slab Rack Post base allow immediate accurate setting of 4° slab lean.
(iii) Slab storage calculator to determine number of slab that can be stored per bay.

3. Large selection of racks and post to suit every need. 

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